Meet the Family!

Kayla aka “Kay”, “Mommy”, “Mom”, “Ma”, “Mom, Mom, Mom, MOM, MOM, MOM” (you get my drift). – A working momma between the hours of 630-4 Monday through Thursday, but in full mommy mode the rest of the time. Sometimes I know what I’m doing, but most of the time I am just winging it!

Travis aka “Trav”, “TD”, “Mr. Williams”, “Daddy”, “Dad”, “Dad, Dad, DAD, DAD” – A teacher during the day, superhero by night. He’s winging it too…but, hey…we are having fun while doing it!

Hendrix aka “Henny”, “Mr. Henny”, “Henny Hen Hen”, “Hennay”, “Hendo”, “Hendrique”, “Hendro”, “Poopy Man”, “Poop”, “Poopster”, “Big Brother”, “Big Man” – The toddler. He enjoys singing on the mic and giving live performances, being held, throwing tantrums, being outside, adores his baby brother, and loves attention.

Jovi aka “Jov”, “Jov Man”, “Job”, “Jobie”, “Dob”, “Dobie”, “Dob Man”, “Bon Jovi”, “Little Man” – The baby. He enjoys milk, bananas, cracking up at his big brother, being held 23.5/7, tummy time (for about 10 minutes), and loves his jumperoo (for about 20 minutes).