Remember me?

Hey ladies,

I know I have been pretty absent the past couple of months and my husband has been on me about it. As I’ve said before, he is my biggest supporter and he’s a firm believer in “don’t start something if you’re not going to finish it”…

Welp, let me just cut to the chase and add that I am pregnant with baby #3!! We found out in early December and although things have been easy going with this pregnancy, I was beyond sluggish and fatigued during the first trimester. We’ve always wanted a huge family and even when we were pregnant with #1, we always said that we wanted to have three back to back. God definitely granted us our wish. There is a 16 month age different between our first and second and there will be a 17 month age difference between our second and third. Talk about total chaos…our house is going to be a mad house for the next couple of years and beyond!

Photograph captured by Brandon Shane Warren

As a result of being hit with a very tiring first trimester, I’ve pretty much neglected life’s total existence during that time frame. Working full time and dealing with two babies at home and not to mention trying to keep up with my husband…I was beyond exhausted. I remember falling asleep within the first couple of minutes of getting in the car on multiple occasions while my husband was driving. I will say though, that he held down the fort during those first three months. He would take care of the babies while I slept. After all, carrying a baby is exhausting!

Now that I am pushing 20 weeks of pregnancy, I feel better than ever. The second trimester is seriously the best. My energy is at an all time high and I honestly feel like I could conquer the world! I know that this energy burst is short lived though because once that third trimester hits, I know I am going to go right back to feeling all woozey (is that even a word?)…LOL.

OH…I totally forgot to mention that we will be having our THIRD BOY! I can’t lie and say that I was super excited at first when we found out that it was a boy…but that gender disappointment was very short lived because within 5 minutes, I was beyond excited to be labeled a “boy mom for life”… Travis also assured me that boys love their mommas and there is just something special, strong, and courageous about a “boy mom”…

Travis made a comment to me a few weeks ago that God sure enough gave us everything that we’ve lost. Remember when I talked about our two abortions and then the miscarriage? That’s three babies that we lost (intentionally and unintentionally)… well He has since blessed us with three more babies. God is so faithful and worthy to be praised, ya’ll (Psalm 145:3).

I will try to keep up and post more often (I know, I know…I keep saying this…but I’ll do better). Plus, we are headed to Disney and to see my mom in a few days so I will definitely have a lot to chat about.

Back to Raising. XOXO.




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