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God tends to have perfect timing when it comes to certain things. I’ll tell you why. A few weeks ago, our Pastor was talking about Evangelism and spreading the gospel. He usually talks about “each one, reach one” and how we really need to work on inviting people to church. It really resonated with both Travis and I because after church, we discussed two people that were apart of our past who really meant a lot to us at the time. Travis mentioned that if he were to ever see this particular person, he would like to have a conversation with him because the friendship sort of ended on bad terms.

See…I have been conversing with his wife for a couple of months now. It hasn’t been anything serious. I will give her all of the props for reaching out to me though because although I have been wanting to reach out to her for quite some time now, especially in hearing about the birth of her son, I never actually had the confidence to do so out of fear of rejection. We would just message each other from time to time on Instagram here and there. Prior to this, we haven’t had any type of conversation for a few years because of how our friendship sort have just abruptly ended. I will admit that it did make me sad because during those few years that we weren’t friends or even conversing, we both expanded our family and it did suck that we weren’t there for one another. It was kind of hurtful because we were so close at one point and she was an important person in my life.

Anyway, it just so happened that Travis ran into her husband at a basketball game the day after we talked about the particular couple. Travis had run ins with him before where they would talk in passing, but never actually held a conversation. Well, this particular day, Travis decided that enough was enough and he actually sat down and had sort of like a “heartfelt” conversation with this person.

Even if our friendship with this couple doesn’t flourish into what it was before, that is ok because at least there is no animosity between any of us! Ephesians 4:32 tells us, “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you”. It feels good to me knowing that whatever happened in the past can be left in the past. For the longest time, I held onto anger and resentment over a certain situation and I allowed it to get in the way of me even reaching out to this couple when my heart so badly wanted to.

On another note, I have been working towards mending past friendships in which I let fall by the wayside. I went through a stage at one point in which I felt like I had to drop everything and everyone in order to start fresh. I am now in a peaceful, happy place and I realize that what I did was wrong. I was able to restore a bond that my cousin and I shared and it feels so good to have her in my corner again. When I really think about it, she’s known me the longest out of all of my friends and to have her back in my life feels amazing.

An old friend of mine actually reached out to me a few days ago. We haven’t talked in years! She found herself in a similar situation that I found myself in a few years ago and she wanted advice on what to do. Remember when I talked about God’s calling over my life? I really feel like He is leading me in the direction in which He wants me to be and I can’t ignore the signs!

I am going to continue working on my relationships, especially with my mother. That is something that I feel needs some major work and I am so ready to tackle it head on. I can’t wait to tell you all about it in my future blog posts.

Back to Raising. XOXO.


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