Giving Thanks

I had all intentions of writing about our Labor Day getaway, but you see…I was busy raising. My babies don’t feel good and I have been a horrible mess because of it. We spent our Labor Day weekend at the beach and I didn’t notice that Hendrix had a fever until late Saturday night. I gave him Tylenol and when he awoke on Sunday, he was acting normal so I didn’t think anything about it. When we got home from the beach on Monday, I noticed that Hendrix wasn’t really acting like himself. For starters, we went to visit my dad and Hendrix wasn’t playing at all. That is when I knew something was wrong because he absolutely loves hanging out with his grand daddy. He was also napping a lot and that is unlike Hendrix because he is always on the go.

So, we decided to take him to the ER that night. They stated that he had a fever of 104.3. I about passed out. I felt like the worst mother ever at that point. “How did I allow my baby to get so sick? Was it the beach? We should have stayed home. It’s all my fault!” They ordered a strep test, chest X-ray, and checked for any sign of an ear infection – everything came back negative and at that point, his temperature went down to 101.3 due to a dose of Motrin and Tylenol. They eventually ruled it as a viral infection and said there was nothing really that could be done.

Tuesday, Hendrix was still feeling ill and still had a very high fever despite being treated with both Motrin and Tylenol. He started to develop a barking cough. I am such a worry wart so I told Travis that we gots to go!  We decided to take him to Urgent Care, hoping to get a different opinion than what we received at the ER the night before. Welp, of course we received a different opinion because he was diagnosed with strep and croup. He was prescribed antibiotics to treat his strep and prednisone to treat his croup. I was conflicted because the ER and Urgent Care both gave us two different answers. So on Wednesday, we decided to take him to his Pediatrician because he still had a fever at this point. His Doctor stated that he did not have strep or croup and that it was just a viral infection. The Doctor chalked it up to both of the boys starting daycare and all the nasty viruses that kids spread between each other. Thank goodness because his fever finally broke on Thursday.

Today is Friday and now that Hendrix is on the mend, it appears as though Jov man is getting sick. He doesn’t have a fever, but he does have a terrible cough. I am beside myself because I just want my babies to feel better. When they are sick, I am sick. I haven’t really eaten anything since Monday and that is because when I get stressed out, I lose my appetite. This has probably been the most stressful week I have had in ages – all because my babies are sick and there is nothing I can do to help them besides for letting it ride out. Oh, and not to mention…Travis is also sick. So, thank God that He spared me from getting sick as of yet so that I can take care of all three of my babies.

On another note, I woke up yesterday to find out that one of my high school classmates had a son that passed away. My heart breaks for him and his family because I can only imagine what they are going through. I am sure his WORLD ended when he learned about the passing of his son. The Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 to “give thanks in all circumstances for this is the will of God in Jesus Christ”. But how can my classmate give thanks when he just lost a child? Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Matthew 19:14, ESV). I pray that my classmate can find peace in knowing that his dear son is with the Lord and no longer suffering in pain. “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away (Revelation 21:4, ESV). 

We may not understand why things happen the way they do, but everything happens when it is supposed to happen (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Give thanks no matter what and even in the worst of situations, there is always light at the tunnel. I read a book a few years ago written by Iyanla Vanzant, “The Value in the Valley” and I cannot tell you how much I refer back to that book when certain things come my way. As parents, we are going to face many challenges and although I want to protect my boys from this world, I understand that I can’t always do that and there will be a time when they are going to leave our nest. Travis and I just have to ensure that we raise them the way that they are supposed to grow, so that when they are older, they will not depart from the values that we instilled upon them (Proverbs 22:6).

Welp, it’s been a long week and I am sure we all have to get back to Raising. Jovi is currently chewing on my computer charger while Hendrix is eating a boiled egg (thank goodness because he hasn’t really eaten anything in a few days). I am off every other Friday and today just happens to be my day off. I am going to enjoy my day spending time with my sweet boys who are still under the weather. Prayerfully they get better soon!

Back to Raising. XOXO.


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